Renault Innov Days

A plug-in hybrid vehicle equipped with a motor near the wheels

" At the driver's choice, an electric vehicle or a hybrid 4X4 fitting a van "

Sum and substance :

  • The advantages of an electric vehicle up to 90 km / h with 50 km of electric range and a hybrid 4WD.
  • The spaciousness and boot capacity preservation
But the realization of a hybrid vehicle requires to implement very large components, notably one or more electric motor(s), powerful electronics and a battery, without removing anything from the original vehicle.
The motor implementation closer to the rear wheels allows to:
  • keep the original engine and gearbox
  • keep on some vehicles the rear axle design and the anchorage points on the body
  • implement the fuel tank, power electronics and the battery under the body of the car without compromising spaciousness
  • offer a 4WD vehicle
  • improve vehicle dynamics by independently controlling the torque applied to each rear wheel