Support for exploring and implementing innovative concepts

  • Involving complex and secured technological systems
  • Requiring project management skills
  • Implementing various technological expertise and innovative partnerships

Support the construction and project management for:

Exploring innovation fields
  • Build a competent team fitted for the challenge
  • Explore alternatives and their relevance
  • Identify and quantify the customer value
  • Identify and address technical and management risks
Support to the production of multi-partner projects
  • Specify adopted innovative system
  • Demonstrate the technical feasibility
  • Estimate costs
  • ...

Methodology and Partnership

Development of Human Relations and Management Applications (in partnership with DRHEAM Institute)

  • Behaviours building
  • Process and cooperative actions
  • Securing the project path
  • Specific tools and equipment


Implementation of the KCP method from the C-K theory

Develop concepts and provide the link between concept and skills in partnership with consultants

Exploiting Systems Engineering to ensure "the usability of results" (in partnership with Motor-e)

Professionnal Experiences

Ma photo
27 years of experience in the industry of complex systems and innovative projects management as a project leader :
  • Hybrid plug-in

  • Hybrid vehicles supervision
  • Brake and steer by wire (XbW)
  • Naturel gas vehicle
  • Low consumption vehicle
  • Heavily cleaned vehicle by after treatment optimization

Trained engineer experienced in :
  • C-K theory
  • Systems engineering


Founding manager : Jean van Frank
Mobile : +32 (0)472 97 49 23
Phone : +32 (0)10 45 51 54
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Rue des Bruyeres, 1
1435 Mont Saint Guibert